Daily Dose of Rage Quit 4/xxx || Ninja Gaiden 2

They gotta show me this fucking game over screen, just to throw it in my face?

Daily Dose of Rage Quit 3/xxx || Super Meat Boy

Yeah I picked a fucking hard level, but I hate this fucking game.

Daily Dose of Rage Quit 2/xxx || Superman Returns

Okay, now would Superman throw a car at somebody?  Probably not.

Daily Dose of Rage Quit 1/xxx || Trials HD

Nothing pisses me off like a good game of Trials.

It gets lonely at the top, but Paul’s there to keep me company!

This year, I’m going to ask Santa for…… a pony.  And a cowboy.

Now, where’s Donut?

(sirens going off)
(this happens every five minutes)

Oh come on, Doc!  Where’s your sense of adventure?